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*** NEXT WEEK November 9th *** The Future of South Florida's Workforce Post COVID-19

November 02, 2021
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.
COVID-19 has transformed our lives both personally and professionally including the workplace, workforce, and the needed skill sets post pandemic. As businesses open throughout the country, people seem inclined to transition into new career paths rather than returning to available jobs. This has resulted in economic challenges in the region but has also revealed opportunities. Our expert panel consists of highly accomplished executives with decades of experience in developing and implementing innovative approaches to economic development challenges and opportunities in South Florida.
Rick Beasley
Executive Director
South Florida Workforce Investment Board
Mark Cassidy
Economic Development & Research Manager
South Florida
Regional Planning Council
Michael A. Finney
President & CEO
Miami-Dade Beacon Council
Kelly L. Smallridge
President & CEO
Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Bob Swindell
President & CEO
Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
Melanie Dickinson
President & Publisher
South Florida
Business Journal
Join us for an insightful look into South Florida’s future as our guest panelists discuss:
  • The emerging focus for companies and industries in the South Florida region;
  • Available workforce training programs and their challenges;
  • Spotlight specific initiatives that have worked and how they can be improved;
  • Which jobs, professions, and skill sets are most in demand;
  • How our region is preparing for this transformation and what private- and public-sector leaders can do to support workforce transitions; and
  • The need to establish effective partnerships between the business community, government, workforce development boards, colleges, and other key stakeholders.
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