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BACCF ChamberNews - January 2024

January 18, 2024
Dear BACCF Members and Friends:
It is with immense joy that I am serving as this year’s President of the Board of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (BACCF), and on behalf of our Board of Directors and Advisory Council, we would like to wish everyone a productive and prosperous 2024!
We would like to welcome all our members, sponsors, and strategic partners and alliances, with a special thanks to our Honorary President, Ambassador André Odenbreit Carvalho, for his unwavering support to our Chamber.  We treasure the relationship we have with the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami, and we look forward to another year of collaborative efforts in advancing our mission to foster business relations and partnerships to increase trade and investments between Brazil and Florida.
This will be a year that will undoubtedly bring numerous challenges, but we are confident in our collective ability to overcome them; we want to remind everyone that you are not alone on this journey and that the BACCF is here to help by bringing knowledge, information, and opportunities to expand your networking contacts.  Just in the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting a Breakfast with Ambassador Rubens Barbosa who will present prospects and opportunities within Brazil-US relations, a luncheon featuring Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano, a 90+ year-old paper product company recognized worldwide for its innovations and pioneering spirit, and our first Signature Event of the year, the 2024 Annual Feijoada, an informal luncheon where you can treat your employees, friends, clients, and yourselves to a fun-filled afternoon.  This is just a small sample of what is to come, and we will keep you updated through a monthly newsletter,  emails, our website, and social media.
For our members, we would like to remind you that, besides attending our events, another effective way to boost your networking is through active participation in one of our committees: Membership, Programs, Businesswomen, Finance & Alternative Investments, Business & Innovation, Communications, and Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs.  You can find more information on the activities of each committee, including the responsible Chairs and Co-Chairs on our website.
As we keep moving forward, the BACCF will continue to solidify its position in the community as an advocate of increased trade and improved business relations between Brazil and the US. 
We look forward to seeing you more involved this year.
Yours faithfully,

Carlos Mariaca
2024 President
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida 


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