American crops used over 550 million tons of fertilizers compared to 228 million tons used in Brazil

February 27, 2019
Not only farmers consume fertilizers but the country has seen an increment in spending by households dedicating to grow flowers and food on the backyard or balcony.
We recently conducted a market research for one of Brazil's main mineral fertilizer company.
This type of market study is called "Desk Research" and is the initial strategic tool that any company should consider in order to analyze the opportunities and challenges before entering the American Market.

A national survey on gardening has shown that after a 5-year low in lawn and garden spending in 2014, consumers spent a reported $36.1 billion dollars in 2015 and $36.9 billion in 2016 in the sector.


The increment in the sector was led by food gardening and Millennials joining the activity before known more attractive to the older population.

*Data from 2002-2011.
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