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988 Suicide Hotline Notification and 7 Digit dialing

September 27, 2021
New Emergency line (988)
The FCC has regulated the implementation of the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline, designating the Emergency number 988 for it.
If you or somebody you know may need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the 988 Lifeline for help.
7-digit calling
There are certain areas in the US and US Off-shore numbering plan that still allow 7-digit dialing instead of 10-digit dialing. This means that instead of dialing, for example, 907-988-1111, when calling within the area, you can only dial 988-1111 and get through.
In view of the implementation of said LIfeline, there will be changes when dialing numbers in the areas listed below, which have exchanges that include combinations with the NXX 988, such as the example 907-988-1111.
In an effort to efficiently help those calling the emergency line, the 7-digit dialing will no longer be allowed, to avoid calls beginning in 988. From October 24, 2021 and after this date, local calls dialed with only 7 digits may not be completed, and a recording will inform you that your call cannot be completed as dialed.
These are the impacted areas with this change.
Impacted Areas
Alaska 907 Minnesota 218,952
Alabama 251 Mississippi 662
Arkansas 501 Missouri 314,417,660,816
Arizona 480,520,928 Montana 406
California 209,530,562,626,650,707,925, 949,951 Nevada 775
Colorado 719,970 New Hampshire 603
Delaware 302 New Jersey 856,908
Florida 321(Brevard County only),352,561, 941 New Mexico 505,575
Georgia 478,912 New York 516,607,716,845,914
Guam 671 North Carolina 910
Hawaii 808 Ohio 440,513
Illinois 309,618,708 South Dakota 605
Indiana 219,574 Tennessee 731,865
Iowa 319,515 Texas 254,361,409,806,830,915,940
Kansas 620,785 Vermont 802
Kentucky 859 Virginia 276,804
Louisiana337,504 Washington 509
Michigan 616,810,906,989 Wisconsin 262,414,608,920

Source: Ip Fone 

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